About Energy Work

We are made of Energy & Energy is all there is. It is basic science.

How do we activate that knowledge to live the life of our dreams and create real change in our OWN BodyMind?  We move the body’s energies in a variety of ways to shift from a place of imbalance to a space of harmony and balance! There are many ways to move energy. Massage, yoga, exercise, breath, movement, chiropractic and many more things all move energy in the body.

Amy’s Energy Balancing work incorporates many tools and modalities. Each session is unique and will follow the energy of where the imbalances are and what is required at that time. As an Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner she has the training and techniques to assess all of the body’s nine subtle energy systems.

This could incorporate Chakras, Meridians, the Aura, the Celtic Weave, the Electrics, the Radiant Circuits, Triple Warmer the Five Rhythms or the Basic Grid.

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As a Bars Facilitator she also brings in the tools of Access Consciousness to her sessions. This brings in the element of connecting with a higher level of Consciousness to ask your Infinite Being what is happening with your energies in ways that can facilitate a change in them with great Ease.

Amy’s fascination has always been the connection of Body Mind Heart and Soul integrated as US! Time and again the nature of this being an interconnected whole is shown as people heal. We may balance one aspect…and the rest comes into a new place of wholeness and ease. This can occur when releasing “stuck” mental and emotional energies so the body can heal or vice versa.
Amy’s combination of modalities form a fluent body of work that assists people in expanding into more ease and freedom in their being and their lives than they have experienced before.