Who’s Amy 

    Amy Williams, Licensed Massage Therapist, is a 1988 graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University. She is a teacher and public speaker in the field of holistic spirituality.
    A workshop leader, retreat facilitator and accomplished concert vocalist her passion and focus in all she does is on healing and human potential.

    As Bodyworker for 25 years who practiced primarily Neuromuscular Therapy for muscular pain relief, Amy has now shifted her focus from treating specific muscles to treating the whole person. To do this she utilizes various techniques for a complete BodyMind Healing approach. Energy Medicine provides the basis for bringing all of the Body’s Energy systems into a Synergistic Integration for total wellness. 

    As a Clinical practitioner of Eden Energy Medecine, Amy recognizes energy as the patient and the healer in each of us. Working with the body’s nine primary energy systems brings balance to the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions. Through balance one can reduce pain and stress so that vitality can be restored. Traumatic events such as injuries or life changes can cause the body to repeat energetic patterns that may not be serving us to achieve our highest wellness goals.

    Through individualized treatment, at home practices and a personal commitment to overall wellness balance can be restored.

    Amy is also a certified Practitioner and Facilitator of Access Consciousness The Bars®, Body Processes and Access Energetic Facelift (r). With this she brings the tools of connecting with the power of the energy of Source or Consciousness into her sessions in a different way. Facilitating energy movement that creates balance & ease in your BodyMind with whatever is required in the moment is her goal.

    She also loves teaching and facilitating classes and workshops to give you more tools to support your own “energetic wellness” and energy healing knowledge base and so you can spread energy work to your families and communities.

    Amy believes that together we raise the vibration of the planet by healing ourselves and letting the blessings of healing flow to all we are in contact with.

    Skills & Experiences

    • Massage Therapist
    • Workshop leader
    • Public speaker
    • Teacher

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