Energy Detective

Energy Detective #1 : What is an Energy Detective

“Learn what an Energy Detective is and how you can become one to create more Ease in Body, Mind, Heart & Soul!”

Energy Detective #2 How Energy Flows

Basic info about the Flow of Energy and an easy Energy Medicine exercise that transformed how I was feeling in minutes!

If you need assistance you can always hire your OWN Energy Detective!

Energy Detective #3 what an Energy Medicine Practitioner DOES !

How I Healed BURN OUT with Energy Medicine in a short time! A mystical vision that led me to a life changing event.

Becoming an Energy Medicine practitioner* Hairy Fairy Weirdos * what we do and how science, Donna Eden and Shakespeare play into it.

Energy Detective #4 Daily Energy Routine

Change Your Energy Change your Life! The Eden Energy Medicine Daily Energy Routine can be done in only 5 minutes. This version gives a New EASY way to get more Energy Now and re-pattern your crossover energies quickly.

Taped with brief explanations you can fast fwd through if you just need the reminder of how to do it.

Keep an eye open for a short version coming soon.

Energy Detective #5 Who Does it Belong to ?

Pain relief instantly when acknowledging that the intensity in my body might not even be MINE! Use this powerful tool to shift what you feel in your BodyMind quickly and easily.

This tool is part of the Body of work of Gary Douglas. Thanks Gary for this fabulous little gem!

Energy Detective #6 What is this Energy ?

Jesus Wasn’t the FIRST Energy Healer as I say in this vid but he is likely the most well Known! Learning to activate this powerful healing tool will Change things for you.

Its more than the Law of Attraction as we Activate the Universal Principle of Ask and Receive as we look for Awareness of Energy. “What is this Energy?” is one of the tools of Gary Douglas Access Consciousness and a great way to get information about anything we are encountering.

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