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Amy’s goal in balancing Your energies is to give YOU what you are looking for! So whether that is relief from pain or physical symptoms or more ease in your mind, heart and soul she chooses whatever your BodyMind is whispering to her that will re-store your being’s natural vibrant nature. Want to reach your Being’s Full Potential? Ask for it! You get to choose! A private healing session could include any of the modalities or techniques listed below.

Energies Sessions

Energy Balancing Sessions

Length : 60-90min Cost : $90

First sessions are usually 90 minutes. A session is typically 60-75 minutes but may be slightly shorter or longer. After years of charging by time it is clear that sometimes, for some bodies, less REALLY is more. If the body has had enough more is not better. So the charge is per session. That being said, certain protocols or more involved cases may require scheduling multiple time slots consecutively  and will incur additional fees.

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Offsite Energy Balancing Sessions

Length : 60 min Cost : $120.00

Request  a home or hospital visits for local out of office sessions. Amy frequently works with family or hospital staff to coordinate times to come and see someone who cannot travel to her office. Healthcare staff have been most accommodating in over 150 hours of sessions she has done in hospital or rehabilitation in-patient facilities.  Amy regularly teaches her work to nurses and individuals looking to help themselves and others.

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Long Distance Energy Balancing Sessions

Length : 60-75 min Cost : $100.00

Shifting energy long distance is a special skill.  It takes a certain type of presence and ability to focus and perceive energy.  It doesn’t require that a person believe in it. However, a person’s involvement and participation is key.  Willingness and receptivity will affect the effectiveness and depth of the process. ** A note on long distance sessions requested for ill or infirm loved ones. Frequently Amy receives calls for people who are wishing to assist someone else who is in a healing crisis. These sessions are most effective if the person concerned is interested and asking for assistance.  If they are unable to participate I prefer to work with the person requesting the session.  As it says in the bible, “Where two or more are gathered…” Holding the space for someone and clearing energies around them is a powerful process.

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Symphony of Possibilities Sessions

Symphony of Possibilities sessions are about Energetic Empowerment and change and it can open you up to living in a completely different way. Symphony sessions are based upon the tools of Access Consciousness tools and the Energy transformation work created by Dr. Dain Heer. These sessions can be done In Person or Long Distance and typically include verbal Energy Facilitation.

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Like Life Coaching, Energy Facilitation is not about figuring it out, it is about discovering what You Know and then changing the energy underneath the block, challenge or symptom. As Infinite Beings you HAVE Infinite knowing… sometimes you just need a little help getting to it.

Modalities & Techniques

Access Consciousness The Bars®

Length : 60min Cost : $90

Bars is a hands on energetic body process that moves a lot of energy quickly. Some say a Bars session is like having a great massage, but with your clothes ON. Deep relaxation with this technique is the norm! The Bars are 32 points on the head that have different names and relate to different themes like kindness, gratitude, control, money, time, creativity.

They are described as the hard drive of our being’s computer bank. When someone touches these points or “runs” Bars for another person it dissipates the electrical charge of these points and the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are stored in our being around those themes. The “charge” comes from the way we lock up or cut off our ability to receive and move energy by with decisions, judgements and fixed points of view. The thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise from these conclusions create separation and discord in body and mind. Touching the Bars and dissipating this polar charge creates an ease and connection with our whole being. Amy describes these and other energetic “Access” points on the body as being “Rivers of Consciousness” or the energetic pathways through which the consciousness of our being flows within our physical body.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the Meridian System. The 14 energy meridians are powerful flows of energy that move throughout the entire body in river like pathways. Acupuncture does that with needles. Amy balances these with acupressure, meridian tapping tracing and other powerful protocols.

Acupressure actually uses very light touch to activate these energies and the way they interact with their associated organs and emotions. Lightly holding meridian points can quickly transform symptoms and reduce and or eliminate pain.

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Access Energetic Facelift ®

The Access Energetic Facelift™ is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging. What limitations have you locked into your Body and Being creating what you define as beauty and not beauty? What if how you look is the sum of the judgments that are stored in your body? Access Energetic Facelift™ clears stagnant energies to rejuvenates your face and body without surgical intervention.

Restore the Infinite energy of YOU as you gift and receive this body process. The Energetic Facelift combines 25 different energies to change the Aging and Olding process the body has begun

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Chakra Balancing

The Chakra System is part of the eastern Indian Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Chakra means spinning wheel or vortex and there are 7 primary chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Root, womb, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras all have a pool of energy that moves in a spiral fashion. Each also has multiple layers and has stored many kinds of information about our lives.

Be it physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological or ancestral; clearing the chakras is a powerful way to shift your BodyMind energy. It is not counseling so your awareness about what shifted is yours to keep private. Ease and balance doesn’t have to know why. We just seek to create more of it!

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Aura work

The Aura or the Auric field is an energy system that surrounds our physical body like an energetic space suit. If you have ever had the feeling that someone is watching you then you were most likely feeling your own aura. What happens is that when others are in our field it is possible to feel their energy coming into contact with ours. Our aura is there to protect us, filter energies that might be harmful or pull in energies we need like an energetic antennae. As such, we often can get a sense of what is around us if we choose to “tune in” to it.

However, the Aura can become thin, weak or just full of toxic sludge that we pick up from all the electromagnetic energies from people and electronic devices in our world. It can also have holes, leaks or tears that may be showing up as physical symptoms. Problems frequently show up in the Aura first. Eliminating them there can prevent imbalances from becoming problems in the body. Clearing, strengthening and repairing the Aura is an integral part of balancing our energies. After years of doing massage with her hands on the body this is the system in which Amy finds lots of energetic disturbances that she may not find through scanning with her hands off the body in the Auric field.

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“Rei” and “Ki” Pronounced (Ray and Key) are two words that mean power or energy in Japanese. Put together they mean Great Power or Universal Life Force. Ki is the same word as Chi in Chinese that you see in the words Tai Chi or Chi Gong. All are ways to move the life force in our system so it can align with the highest beneficial pattern of free flowing energy as it was designed to support and energize us. Reiki is a hands on energy healing system that assists in balancing our BodyMind energies.

The laying on of hands for healing is ancient. In its simplest essence this is what Reiki is hands on healing. As a Reiki Master Amy activates the particular vibratory frequency of the Reiki energy to flow through her as an invitation for your being to shed anything that isn’t in alignment with the perfect pattern that is the truth of YOU. The definition of healing is: “to make sound or whole.” Coming from the perspective that you actually ARE whole to begin with gives us a leg up on that beginning to show up in physical reality. We call it forth from the perfect pattern that Source created you from.

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